Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let's give it up for Thanksgiving!!!

Maybe it's because my birthday is literally always right around/on Thanksgiving, but we gotta do something about this early Christmas crap!  I mean, mid-October, I saw decorations for sale and stores already had winter-esque decor up.  Save some room for the Turkey!!!  I have not even started any Christmas decor, looked at Christmas decor, etc, yet just so I can save those last few minutes of Thanksgiving/Fall.  Now don't get me wrong, Black Friday afternoon is my time to Christmas it up!  The tree goes up, the fall comes down, and I start making stuff for Christmas/winter decor!  But until then, it is Thanksgiving in this house!!!!  (Oh and Happy Birthday to me on Black Friday this year!)
(My favorite Thanksgiving image of all time!)

Happy Nesting!

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