Friday, April 20, 2012

Pittsburgh Wedding: The Details

I was very adamant on making our wedding day very personal and with the tiniest of details.  Here are some photos of all the "stuff" I made for the day and any other little details!

Next up is our ceremony! 

(All photos by Pamela Marie Photography)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pittsburgh Wedding: Getting Ready

The day has come! After just about 5 hours of sleep (me and my awesome MOH stayed up til 2a.m. just shootin' the breeze), I woke up to my mom saying, "Ami, it's time to get married!"

Here are some shots of us girls getting ready and a few of the guys too.

Me getting makeup done.  No, my hair did not stay that way for the wedding ;)

My girls

One of the girls doing her makeup

My brothers came to hang out for a bit

One of my fave's from the day!

My MOH watching me get my hair done.

Almost done!

My brother and (hopefully soon) sister-in-law!

All done and ready to put the dress on!

A few little touchups to the makeup.

The girls getting dressed.
Mom helping me put  my gown on.
Love this shot!
Zip me up!
Putting my jewelry on.

Up goes the garter!

Putting on my shoes! (My favorite part of my outfit that day!)

Sexy leg shot!

Nerves are starting...

Calm, cool and collected...and so handsome.

Hubby's brother probably on the phone with a vendor complaining about something! (more on that later!)

Steaming his girlfriend's dress (how sweet of you, Luke!)

Isn't he just so darn handsome?!

Next up? Details!

(All photos taken by Pamela Marie Photography)