Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Me without my glue gun....

...is like my husband without his camera.

I left my glue gun, glue gun supplies, burlap, crafting supplies, etc. all in the Burgh...and I am paying for it!  I had so many projects in mind and planned out to do this fall and now I have to wait until I can get back up to the Burgh to have my precious supplies returned to me.  And that's not til OCTOBER!  I'm dying!  I refuse to buy another glue gun and pay for yards of burlap when I have some sitting in my mom's house waiting for me to bring it home for some fun projects.  So until then, I am a blog-following fool.  I read almost a dozen blogs each day after work looking for fun projects to do for my own home to spruce it up a bit (and to work on transforming my decor scheme; hubby doesn't know what we're about to get into!).  So, I guess I'm just warning you that my blog isn't going to be very eventful the next couple of weeks.  I apologize in advance.  I'll do a post later on some of my plans for decor transformation in the Fensch household!

Happy Nesting!

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