Monday, October 24, 2011

Come on get happy!

So things have been a little rough and tumbly around here lately...what with being financially stable, looking to the future (house, kids, career-readiness, life) and just plain being happy.  I read another blog post this morning and was inspired.  It may be easier to look to the bad things in life, but it is far more enjoyable to seek out the happy.  So that's what I gotta do!
I am happy to be married to a wonderful man that loves me for me.
I am happy to be alive and well.
I am happy to be the mommy to a sweet beagle.
I am happy I have a job that keeps food on my table and a roof over my head.
I am happy to have people that care about me in my life.
I am happy to have a family that is my rock.
I am happy to live in a free world.
I am happy to have a job that I truly love to go to every day.
I am happy that my husband makes me laugh and smile, literally, every day.

What are you happy about?
Happy Nesting!

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