Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pittsburgh Wedding: Pre-party time!

I had followed some really great blogs when I was wedding planning and I loved it when they did a recap of their wedding day.  So I figured I would do the same...hopefully these posts won't be too sporadic (since I'm starting up school again soon), but be sure that they will include some great stuff!

June 25, 2011--bridal shower day! (also hubby's bachelor party!)
My bridesmaids' mothers (hubby's aunts) hosted the shower at the family church in the social hall.  It was a nice big room with lots of space to spread out and be comfy!

The pretty (and delicious!) cake

The tables were all decked out in our wedding colors and were so pretty

See how much room we had!

They added "baby" pictures of hubby and me to each table...what a nice touch!

All the great gifts!

Raffle baskets

More raffle baskets (there were some good ones!)

My (late) arrival!  I always have crap in my hands!

 After eating and some fun games (couples match, 20 questions about Mr. F), we opened gifts.  As I opened gifts, the guests played bridal bingo and tried to get as many gifts matched.
My fabulous Matron of Honor was a big help!

And so begins the ribbon bouquet!

uh oh, a naughty gift!

The title was a tad inappropriate!

Somehow, we received 3 of these!

Another naughty gift!

Of course, I had to model it!

Some super soft towels...

Our really pretty cake servers...

I tried so hard not to break bows (for every broken bow that's one more kid to add to the womb!)

A very heartfelt gift from my MOH...with explanations of  the personal meaning of each piece...so perfect!

My honey showed up (from his party!) with my favorite flowers, daisies!

Thanks sweetie!

Aren't we just the cutest?!

And then we opened the rest.

The shower was so great and everyone was so generous!

Meanwhile, back at hubby's parents' house...

Mr. F was having fun with all the men in his life playing Minute to Win It games...jumbo beer pong, high jump, rock/paper/scissors; you name it, they played it.  Sorry, no pics of that...hubby can't find them!

After the shower, the bridesmaids, me, my mom and a few other friends went out for my bachelorette party!

I'm the one with the black sash and denim bermudas.

My MOH and me (love her!)
Me and the girls!
We had a blast!  Lots of dancing and lots of "dares"!

A few days later, hubby and I lugged as many gifts as we could fit in our poor car back to B'more and waited patiently for our wedding day to arrive!

(All photos taken by dear hubby and one of my bridesmaids)

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