Sunday, October 16, 2011

DIY-ing Fool!

So I got all my craft/DIY supplies back last weekend.  And I have been at it like crazy! I made so much! I am a little bit obsessed in love with burlap, so most, if not all, of my projects have burlap in them.  I revamped our bulletin was a nasty purple edge that dear hubby has had since forever.  Now it is awesome!

I made a burlap wrapped candle that I love!

Two Prego jars needed some lovin' so I wrapped them in burlap and jute (these will be displayed probably after Christmas with some votives inside)

I was throwing out hubby's old desk and came across a nice piece of MDF that I used to create this number! I cut out the stencil with my regular printer (went a little old school since I refuse to pay bagoodles of money on a cricut or silhouette).  I got the bent spoons from another decor item in the house that didn't go with our new decor style.  So I repurposed them!

I made these little birdie plaques from...wait for it...cardboard and burlap! I made the little fabric rosettes from fabric and jute I had just lying around from the wedding.

Our awesome initial frame is just so darn cute! Simple and free! Just the way I like it!

And this adorable little 12x12 pillow.  Not sure how adorable it actually is...a little awkward?

Look for some more awesome projects soon! (I really want to try a gallery wall; just gotta pick out the wall) I am on a roll!

Happy Nesting!

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