Thursday, January 26, 2012

DIY Display Ladder: A great way to display some fun stuff!

I built this ladder last week and wish I would have done a tutorial on it.  It was so easy to make and is sturdy, adorable and will be super versatile in all my decorating escapades!

 I used (2) 1x2's for the outside arms and then used (3) 5/8 inch dowel rods to construct the rungs.

I predrilled holes for each rung and screwed them in to make everything sturdy with wood screws. 

Then the whole thing got a coat of vintage white paint.

I wanted the ladder to have an antique, worn look, so I tried an antiquing medium from FolkArt and it worked great!

Now I plan on making a bigger one with thick rungs so I can display some throws or blankets on it in the bedroom or living room.

Look for more posts featuring this ladder in the coming months...I plan on using it in more of my holiday decor!

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