Sunday, January 1, 2012

New year, new plans!

I'm a very goal-oriented person and I love to-do lists, but when it comes to New Years' Resolutions, I don't usually make one.  I have done it maybe once or twice and it never works out because I forget or just give up.  Since I am always making lists of stuff I want to do anyway, I figured it's no big deal that I don't make resolutions.  

This past July, Mr. F and I got married and soon after, the beloved question came along..."So when are you guys gonna start having kids?!" (why does that question ALWAYS get asked as soon as your first dance is over!?!?) Give us some time!!!

So we know we want kids, but we want to enjoy at least a little bit of marriage before kids come along.  Granted, we have been living together for about 5 and a half years, but it's important to us to have a little bit of married life to ourselves before we have children.  

So we have decided (i think) ;) to start trying right around our 1 year anniversary mark.  We're both almost 30, so we don't want to wait too long.  So that's to-do number 1.

To-do number 2 is to start thinking about buying a house.  We are running out of room in our little tiny box apartment and need more space.  Plus, we are missing the luxuries of our own laundry room, a yard for the dog, storage space, more space in general and a neighborhood.  This is our first apartment since we moved in together...we used to live in a big house with hubby's cousin and then moved into our own townhouse (the best 6 months of our lives! The place was AWESOME!!).  So we know what it's like to live in a stand alone building with our own everything and we MISS IT BAD!!!  So it's time to start super saving and looking at our options for homes!

To-do number 3 is really just for me, but it will better our little family in the long run...I got accepted to GRADUATE SCHOOL! I start at the end of this month and will be in school for 2 years.  So that's exciting!

To-do number 4 is for the hubby, but again, it will better our family in the long run...time to get his photography business up and running for real!  Book more weddings, sessions, etc and really make an income from it!  Yes, this takes time to develop, but it's time to get the ball rolling fast!

What are your to-do's this year?

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