Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Party!

I'm linking up to Centsational Girls's "Pinterest Challenge Party" today! I am so excited because it is my first real blog post onto another blog!!

I chose my Ballard Designs knock-off project I found from Mrs. DIY and the Tennis Guy.  

I wanted to add some more pillows to our bed so I thought these would be perfect.  Mrs. DIY gave a great tutorial for how to stencil the letters onto her burlap.  Below is my tutorial on using drop cloth and stamps.  Enjoy and go check out Centsational Girl's Blog Party!

I started off with two pillow forms I got from Ikea a long long time ago and my 4X5 foot piece of drop cloth from Lowe's.  (I love that stuff by the way!)  Put that together with my handy dandy tape measure and scissors and pencil and we're ready to go!

Since my pillow forms were 13 inches by 13 inches, I measured my drop cloth at 16 by 16 for some extra room. I cut a total of four pieces, two for each pillow.

Next I ironed my pieces so they were nice and flat and smooth.
I haven't invested in a sewing machine yet, so I pulled out the most awesome stuff: Stitch witchery!  Love it and it works for so much.  Since these are decorative pillows, I figured it would suffice.
After each pillow was fused, I flipped them inside out to paint.

Then came the fun part: printing!  I used my super cheap stamps from Joann's to paint with acrylics and then just stamp onto drop cloth.
Here's what they looked like after a quick stamp.  Then I filled them in by hand painting them with a small brush.
And now, the final project! All in all, these took me about 2 hours.  It would have been less if I had a sewing machine, but well worth it and I love that they match our bed set.

Try it if you like it!

"4' x 15' Canvas Drop Cloth 58908"

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  1. That's awesome! I'm going to make them. I linked up today too - so happy to have found your blog! Love it.