Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bathroom Showcase

I'm linking up today over at Thrifty Decor Chick and her "Show Us Your House: Bathroom Edition" party!

Show Us Your House

Mr. F did a nice panorama on his iPhone...thanks hunny! (click on me to see closer details)

I've done a little bit of DIY in our bathroom...just a little bit.  But I plan to do more once we have our own home and more bathrooms.  When we registered for our wedding, my dearest hubby we chose brown and red {a little too country for my taste, but he insisted}.  So right now, our "master" and only bathroom is in red, brown and ivory.  We've had the shower curtain for some time and the rug is so old that the ivory is turning pink from so many washes! So that will be upgraded soon enough...

The "friends" plaque was a gift from a dear friend a few years back.

I DIY'd the "bath" plaques.  I love Michael's wood section.  They had adorable plain, ready to paint frames for only a buck and I grabbed four.  I had paint, twine and floral wire on hand and just kind of went at it and came up with the cute {country-esque} plaques.

{Needless to say, this will probably become our guest bathroom in our own home or maybe even just scraped...but it works for us for now!}

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